“Dad, My friend goes to umrah and Malaysia…”

That was a start of our interesting discussion with my son this morning while we are driving on the way to his school. He asked me again, \”is that necessary for people to go to Malaysia after finishing umrah performance\”. I said not really, that is only an otion, may be they have a plan to visit Malaysia after the umrah\” I said.

I know what he means by asking this question. It is about his dreams. About going overseas! That is his number one dream. He is so obsessed going obroad. He is very serious learning English for his dreams. Some times he started English coversation with me just to show how much he loves going overseas.

He likes watching at our photo albums, and seriously looks at our pictures of overseas trips years before. One day when we visited our relative\’s house he spend times watching his cousines photos when their family went abroad together. \”Dad, look they have visited Europe\” he asked me one day whilst pointing out to family photo with Effiel Tower of Paris at the background.

My son, I really do listen to your heart, I really want to make your dreams come true. It is just about matter of time. Things are not right at this time. As we discussed previously, the global crisis just strucks our business. Things getting tougher now.

Just give us some more times, a year more may be. Keep pray for us. Your prayer would be a strong support for us and Allah always listens to us.

When things are right lets go and make your dreams happen….

Wipe out your tears please..

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