My Son got circumcision

During his long holiday between June and July 2009 we have got our son Bobby circumcised on 7 July 2009, 2 days prior to my 45th birthday. We were happy to do this because that was his request to have it unlike other boys who mostly refuse to have it because of scary. He becomes a 10 years old boy in next October and starts his level 5 of elementary school (kelas 5 SD) at SD Islam Amalina, Pd. Aren.

The circumcision took place at Rumah Sakit Sarih Asih Ciledug about 10 km from our house in Karya Indah Village II, Jurangmangu by a specialist doctor ( I forget his name). It took about 30 minutes starting from 19.45 to 20.15. Other than me and his mom there was Andri his friend accompanied him during the process. My son was strong and brave enough to go through all the process. He himself jumped onto the operation bed, laying his body and asking doctor to start operation. He kept asking during all the process, “ papa, what is doctor doing now?” when he felt something unusual. He kept positive and none of a tear came out from his eyes.
Whilst we were waiting for settlement of the bill and got medicines from pharmacy, my son and Andri were playing around. This was too different with normal just circumcised boy, mostly kid will stay calm and feel awkward for hours after the process.

We did not prepare a big celebration for acara sunatan of my son. We wanted it to but our condition was not right at this time and my son did not either want such kind of big party. But still we hold a small party by inviting our close relatives and next door neighbors. He was so happy for the party we held. “I am so happy because I have a lot of gift and money” he said.

With this circumcision my son moved to another step of his life. Now he just starts leaving his childhood and soon becomes “a baligh boy”. We need to lead him on the right paths by reminding him to obey Allah and His Rosul calls mainly on maintaining his 5 times praying a day!

My son, we are so proud of you and strongly believe that you would become a great man for yourself, your family, your business and your country!