My Son\’s Graduation

Today June 19, 2011 Alhamdullilah, my son Omar Farhan Habib Arifin (Bobby) is having his school graduation. He just graduated from elementary school, Sekolah Dasar Islam Amalina (SDI) Pondok Aren Tangerang Selatan. We are so proud of him because he passed the national examination test with very good marks. He got 94 in Bahasa Indonesia, 85 in Science and 72 in mathematics. He is the highest rank in Bahasa Indonesia and not only that, he is also the best in Islamic Religion subject in his school.

This is an extraordinary achievement for him. Before, we were so worried about him because he missed  so many days from school. Only this year, he missed  school 20 days because of sickness. His last semester examination result was not good either. During a consultation with his teachers a month prior to the examination, we were warned to push my son to study harder otherwise he could fail in the national examination.  As parent we were so worried about it particularly his mom. We sit and discussed how could we face the situation. We  hired a private teacher to lead him  to study at home. But still we could not see the fast progress. Time was running so fast, but syukur Alhamdulillah we have Ririn his cousin who study at 2nd semester at UIN, she lives near from hour home. Every day she supported my son studying hard. Read and discuss all the lessons. Doing the past examination  exercises. One of  the most important thing, we stopped internet. This internet that breaks my son\’s focus. He likes so much playing on line games. That what his teachers complained about him. To motivate my son, I give him a promise \” if you could pass this examination, we would  take  you to go to Malaysia and Singapore for holidays\” He was so exited, because it is his dream.
During the examination, we saw how hard my son studied. Soon after he came home he quickly read his books, in the after noon he continued again. In the evening right after sholat magrib he studied again with the supervisory of Ririn. He kept dong it during the examination days. On the other side, we together kept praying to Allah for his successful examination. We saw how \”khusukh\” my son in his sholat praying for his success.
Now, after a month  of waiting, we see the result. My son has shown us his best. A remarkable result in national examination, the highest standard in Indonesian education. He passed his Elementary School Program. Congratulation son!, we are all proud of you. I always believe that you are  really a good boy as I always call you. Some times we face bad situation, but still we have chances to make it up.
grand ma, OB, mom and syabil
My son, take this graduation as good lesson in your life. Believe that you could do everything you want to achieve in life. There is always way to to make it happens. Some time problems may come in between, that is okay, keep going because soon after the problem there will be a solution. Allah would help you, no matter how big the problem is, He could solves it for you.

This morning, when we prepared for his graduation day, my son wore a suit jacket, he looks so great. His mom said when she looked at him \” oh son, you looks like a boss now, like a director\”. My son smiled. In my heart I said, yes! he would be leader of our company. That why I give his name Omar, the leader. Being the only man in our family he would lead a lot of people and businesses when he grows up.

My son, Daffa and his friend

 After this graduation, my son will continue his study at AMALINA Junior High School, at the same complex. The school has a national plus program and ties up with Jakarta International School. Insya Allah my son would grow better.

My promise to take him  to Malaysia and Singapore have been fully paid.  Between 30th May and 4th July 2011 we have visited Malaysia and Singapore. The details of the visit would be presented in another blog.