Online insurance marketing. Businessmen optimistic growing significantly

Bisnis Jakarta Indonesia 15 September 2015
A number of insurance companies that market their products through the online system is optimistic the premium could grow significantly this year.
PT Asuransi Simas Net expects to earn premium of Rp. 20 billion by the end of 2015.
Teguh Aria Djana, President Director of Simas Net, said that since its introduction in early 2015, insurance through Internet network has earned premium of Rp. 1 billion per month.
Our goal in 2015 that we can achieve Rp. 100 billion through channel of affinity and direct online channel said Teguh, Monday, September 14, 2015.
He believes that selling through Internet have good prospects. Today many insurance companies are selling products via the internet. This is a sign of high appreciation for the marketing channel of online system.
He estimates that this market will grow each year faster in line with the increase number of smart phone users and the availabllity of faster Internet data access. Simas Net itself, in it’s business plan for the next five years have set target to achieve of Rp. 250 billion gross premium.
In order to achieve the targetted premium, the company will focus on travel insurance, life insurance and motor vehicle insurance. Teguh said at the early stages of Simas Net has spent extra effort to educate the market because at that stage peoples were not yet familiar with the online insurance model.
According to him, the insurance online models is now common at overseas. We are more active in the campaign and convince the market that this is a safe transaction, said Teguh.
Reginald J Hamdani, President Director of Central Asia Financial, digital insurers can provide broader coverage and are not bound by time. He said the company\’s insurance products Jagadiri can issue 35,000 policies and Rp 25 billion premium by the end of this year. Until July 2015 has been realized Rp. 10 billion” he said.
Hendrisman Rahim, chairman of the Indonesian Life Insurance Association said that despite of the increased marketing products through online, but in Indonesia the role of the agent will still be dominated. Because people still need education on the importance of having insurance. He said that the investments that need to be done at this time by the insurance companies are to improve marketing technologies to educate the market, when agencies are being abandoned then the companies have solid a foundation to be developed. Anggara Pernando.

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