The Great 18 Years

Today is our 18th wedding anniversary. I really thank to Allah for a long journey of a joyful  familiy life with safe and sound, it just runs like as  all our relative\’s prayers at the wedding day, we have a sakinah, mawaddah and warohmah family. I notice that there is no any single serious problem arisen in our family life. We have a great understanding, loving and caring each other.

When peoples know me for the first time they would say that how fortunate is Yuni my wife to have myself as her husband, but later on when they know Yuni  better then they change their mind and say that how fortunate myself to have Yuni to be my wife. I totally agree with that.
Look at Yuni how beautiful she is at this age, nothing change on her since I know her 25 yeas ago. She is dream of my life, a dream that come true to me. She shines  all my days.
Yesterday we had a little celebration at BISTRO Raffless Hill City, Cibubur. Myself Yuni and our lovely the one and only son Bobby. I share a dream for all of us I said \”I wonder if we have such kind of party in Paris next year\” my son commented \” dad, you must be dreaming\” Hey son…. no, it is very possible we are already on the way to Paris….. Insya Allah we can make it happen….