Signing Ceremony for Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between APARI and ANZIIF

On October 9, 2017, a signing ceremony of a mutual recognition agreement was held between APARI (The Association of Indonesian Qualified Insurance and Reinsurance brokers)  with ANZIIF (Australian New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance) at Pullman Hotel Jakarta.
This is the third international event organized by APARI within the last 2 months. Previously, a seminar on Trade Credit Insurance was held in cooperation with COFACE, then another seminar with Lloyd\’s Brokers earlier last  month. This series of events is part of APARI\’s 24th anniversary program.
Bambang Soesono the chairman of APARI said in his opening remark that it is an honor for APARI to hold this very special meeting, an historic day for APARI. For years, ANZIIF becomes a perfect role model of APARI in providing education and training. Getting recognition from international institutions such as ANZIIF gives a very deep meaning to APARI. ANZIIF As an institution that has been in existing for more than 130 years, has member of more than 15,000  and is spread all over the world, while APARI only exists for 24 years with more than 600 members, ANZIIF can acknowledge and accept APARI as an equal partner. This gives confidence to APARI that the quality of education programs and professionalism of its members have been recognized in the international insurance community. APARI as an institution that officially designated by  OJK (Indonesian Financial Institution Authority)  to provide professionals in the field of insurance brokers. According to OJK new regulation, APARI members are requested to obtain professional certification from a national professional certification board that will be effective early in 2019.
Supriyono Deputy Director for Non Financial Institution for Administration and Supervision of OJK in his speech said that OJK strongly supports this kind of activity. This is not only good for APARI but also for the Indonesian insurance industry. Between Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia has been established very close cooperation in various fields including in the field of insurance. With this cooperation is expected to increase the quality of APARI members so that customers would get better service. In today\’s open business competition APARI is required not only to survive domestically but also to be able to compete internationally. So it is expected that APARI can learn a lot from ANZIIF. In addition, Indonesia is expected to be able to increase its reinsurance capacity in the coming years. The signing of this cooperation is  a first step for broader cooperation in the future.
The CEO of ANZIIF Prue Willsford expressed her gratitude for the arrangement of this event. Prue explains the existence of ANZIIF which is now become the leading membership of education association and insurance provider in Asia Pacific. It supports almost all sectors of the insurance industry. ANZIIF for 11 years in a row has been elected as the best insurance education providers of Asia Insurance Review. ANZIIF understands the importance of working together to achieve success. ANZIIF is very careful in choosing a partner and cooperation with APARI is a best decision. Prue extends a very high appreciation to APARI\’s team for all its efforts and support for the realization of this cooperation. Prue reminds that customers always demand high professionalism from the broker. Being professionals is to have a commitment to business ethics, commitment to continue learning, commitment to improve skills and knowledge. Thus the broker continues to update with industry\’s developments, keeping it fresh in thought.
In today\’s global economy, nothing can replace the importance of local knowledge and customer closeness. That\’s the job of APARI members. ANZIIF would support for things in relation to the international matters. Nowadays expectations from customers also change a lot. With the presence of Google,, and others,  brokers are required to constantly increase their knowledge.

ANZIIF learning center provides thousands of writings, books and videos. Organize seminars and training every month in various places with various materials. APARI should optimize  those facilities. 

Now with this partnership, the holders of professions certificate from APARI such as AAPAI, APAI and CIIB can request for an equivalency degree with ANZIIF. For AAPAI is equal with Affiliate, APAI with CPI and CIIB with Snr.Assoc. The requirement is relatively easy, only by sending a certified graduation certificate along with two pages of curriculum vitae. The process takes about 6 weeks. Members are suggested to coordinate the submission through APARI’s office. 


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